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March 27 - 29th
San Diego, CA

DL2019 is the 7th annual gathering of powerful educators focused on creating more equitable outcomes by engaging students in deeper learning. DL2019 encourages and supports these educators to be leaders of change, disruptors of inequity and innovators of pedagogy.

DL2019 will explore questions like:

How can we engage students in deeper learning?

How can we create and advance equitable learning environments?

How can we support educators in designing deeper learning experiences for students?

How can we cultivate leaders who facilitate deeper learning in schools?

How do we spread more deeper learning experiences to all students?

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DL2019 registration & program details

DL2019 is SOLD OUT!

Save the Date for DL2020, March 25 - 27th


For a look at where we have been, check out the DL2018 Program
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Want to join the ever-growing movement of change-makers who are ready to transform education? Whether it is sponsoring a maker-session, a dinner or something in between; sponsorship will allow you to connect with educators who are making change happen in their region.

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