What is Deeper Learning?

Although the job market in the United States has changed significantly over the past few decades, our K-12 classrooms still operate the same way they did in the industrial era 100 years ago. The students of today need more than basic math and English skills to succeed in the workplace of the future. They need to engage in Deeper Learning.

Deeper Learning is a set of six competencies that students need to succeed in and out of the classroom.

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Deeper Learning Competencies

Content Mastery

Students apply knowledge to real world situations.


Students consider a variety of approaches to produce innovative solutions.​


Students work with their peers, assume leadership roles, resolve conflicts, and manage projects.


Students demonstrate skills in active listening, clear writing, and persuasive presentation.

Self Directed Learning

Students use teacher feedback to monitor and direct their own learning, both in and out of the classroom.

Academic Mindset

Students feel a sense of belonging and motivation to persist through their school work.

What is the
Deeper Learning Hub?

The Deeper Learning Hub is a strategic response to the question: How do we achieve deeper learning outcomes in an educational system that is largely disconnected and undergoing change? Funded by Hewlett Foundation, with the goal of promoting, developing and scaling the practices that result in deeper learning for all students, we focus on connecting the efforts of teachers, school leaders, districts, policymakers, researchers and the field. We seek to spread high leverage practices that support deeper learning outcomes,  build the collective capacity of districts, schools, and organizations to spread deeper learning practices, and connect scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to each other.  

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