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Simply make a copy of one of our project based courses, tweak or add elements, and then invite your students to take the course. The Deeper Learning Hub has partnered with expert project designers to create a diverse catalog of high quality courses that run 1-2 weeks.  Together we can empower students to have agency over their learning and to do meaningful projects even during this difficult moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The DL Hub has created eight short duration project based courses on the online learning platform Pathwright. Teachers can make a copy of a course and teach a private instance of that course to their students. 

The DL Hub is committed to protecting the privacy of student data. When a teacher makes a copy of a course they have created a private version of that course. Only the teacher and other students enrolled in the course will have access to the data.  The agreement with our platform partner details that  Pathwright ensures compliance with all applicable federal and California laws and regulations regarding collection and maintenance of student data, including, but not limited to, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and California’s Student Online Personal Information Protection Act.  

The DL Hub partnered with a talented group of instructional designers who built each project based course. Course designers work as HTH teachers, HTH GSE faculty, PBL consultants,  and curriculum designers. More details about each course designer are available on the about page of each course. 

The DL Hub courses are designed for teachers who are teaching their students remotely. Given the current circumstances, we invite anyone who considers themselves an educator and is working with groups of students to start teaching a course. 

During the current launch, all courses are available for free. At a later date, courses may have a small per student cost to help mitigate our software costs of scaling up this initiative.  We are offering a companion course that details how to effectively use these courses, asks teachers to reflect on their experience. The companion course which offers CEUs costs $50 while the non CEU version is free. 

Yes we encourage teachers to customize courses to respond to your teaching context. Research indicates higher rates of student and teacher engagement when a teacher makes tweaks before teaching an online course like the ones offered in this catalog.  The companion course details high leverage tweaks that can have the desired increase of engagement without being overly time consuming for teachers. 

Students should have an excellent experience completing a course on a Chromebook. Courses can also be completed on a smartphone browser.